My name is Patrick Murphy and I design and create a range of contemporary wooden gifts for the home from my workshop in Kildorrery, Co.Cork.

I am a self taught woodworker and have developed and honed my collection over the past number of years. I strive to capture the natural colour of the more exotic woods, providing a fabulous accent to my bespoke pieces.

My work is stylish yet practical and gives a modern interpretation of traditional wooden items includng butter knives, chopping boards, coasters, lighting and interiors.


After a stint in college, I returned home to work on the family farm and took over the butchering business which had been in our family for many generations.

During these years I started to dabble in woodwork as a hobby, having had no previous experience of wood. As the years passed both my interest and skill level grew exponentially.

In 2007, the butcher shop was forced to close due to changes in rural living. At this stage I could never have envisaged woodworking as my career, despite starting to sell some products locally and in craft fairs and markets.

In 2017, CK53 Design was launched as my chosen profession.

Why CK53 Design?

When I closed the butcher shop, I converted one of the outbuildings attached to the business to my first workshop. This building used to be licensed by Cork Co. Council and my license number was Cork 53, or CK53. Hence the name CK53 Design. A nod to my previous life!



I work with sustainable hardwoods from all over the world. I always ensure that all my hardwoods are FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council). Using sustainable materials is of huge importance to me as I was brought up in the countryside and learned from a young age to respect nature.

FSC certification means that all timber has been harvested responsibly from well managed forests and are continuously replenished to ensure that there is no damage to the surrounding environment or to native flora and fauna.

FSC is an independent international organisation who oversee that forests are managed in an environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable manner.